Oven made from recycled materials and powered by solar energy.

2EPAL RHODOU, our Greek partners, have created an oven using existing materials. The oven operates on solar energy, thus being 100% sustainable. For other pictures about it, see the gallery.

The Greek partners have also thought of a solar oven that might use blockchain technology in the future if they find enough money. This oven cooks food with sunlight and gives rewards in digital money to people who use it. It has features like solar power, a system to give rewards, and a secure way to keep track of everything. Users can earn digital money by cooking with the oven and can see how much they earn on a screen. This oven helps the environment by using clean energy and encourages people to do the same. It also gives people a chance to earn money and collects useful information about how it's used.

1. Solar-Powered Cooking: the Smart Solar Oven uses sunlight to cook food. It has shiny panels and a special chamber that traps heat, so food cooks well without needing gas or electricity.
2. Built-in Smart Contract Mechanism: the oven has a clever system that makes a special code for each time you cook. This code is like a digital wallet and can get you digital money called tokens.
3. Token Accumulation: when people cook with the Smart Solar Oven, they get tokens depending on how long and how much they cook. The more they use clean energy, like sunlight, the more tokens they get.
4. Transparency and Security: the oven uses a special technology called blockchain to keep everything fair and safe. It records all cooking and token transactions so that no one can change them.
5. User-Friendly Interface: the oven has a screen that shows how long you've been cooking, how much energy you're using, and how many tokens you've earned. It's easy to understand and you can even check it on your phone.
1. Environmental Sustainability: cooking with the Smart Solar Oven helps the environment by using sunlight instead of polluting fuels like gas or coal. It makes less pollution and keeps the Earth healthier.
2. Incentivized Clean Energy Usage: people are encouraged to use clean energy like sunlight because they get rewards in tokens. It's like getting a prize for doing something good for the planet.
3. Economic Empowerment: people can earn tokens just by cooking, which can help them make extra money, especially in places where it's hard to find work or banking services.
4. Data-driven Insights: the oven collects information about how people cook, what they like to eat, and how they earn tokens. This information can be used to make better energy plans, study cooking habits, and help communities grow.